Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Jim Johnson and Heather Richards — “Land, Growth and Development”

How do we strike the right balance between the need for more housing and the need to protect farmland? Those two initiatives have a long history of competition, played out
from local planning commissions all the way through the state’s land use courts. The City Club has invited a professional from both planning and agriculture to present information about each side of the equation.

Jim Johnson is the Land Use & Water Planning Coordinator for the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture. He has been in public service since 1981. In the roles he’s held over the decades, he has become one of Oregon’s leading experts on land-use and water planning and the protection of farm-ground.

Heather Richards became the McMinnville Planning Director in 2016. Previously, she was the community development director in Redmond, and before that the project development coordinator in Nampa, Idaho. A native of Amherst, Massachusetts, she graduated from Columbia University in 1988, double-majoring in history and art.

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